Jamie Crosbie

what people are saying

“I absolutely loved the Peak Performance Mindset (PPM) workshop I attended. Jamie Crosbie was our lead facilitator and she did a brilliant job. Jamie made the workshop incredibly interactive and a great deal of fun. I am a huge proponent of PPM because it truly reinforces all of the core messages I have delivered over my 25 years of leading/growing high-performance Sales teams for F-500 companies.

It is crucial that your team has a true mindset for optimal success, is preparing to win and eliminates all of the “Stinking Thinking” regarding self-doubt. Jamie really provided some exceptional tools to help our team reach its full potential. When you expect great things, you plan for great things and you create an environment for great things to thrive – Great things will happen!  I would highly recommend Jamie and the PPM workshop!”  

Christopher Plumlee, President of Elevate Strategy Group.